Antarctic and Arctic ecotourism

Expertise in Antarctic and Arctic ecotourism

British Antarctic Survey

Working for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) for three years in the 1980s gave me a deep connection to the world’s most amazing wilderness. I worked for two and a half years at the BAS research station on Bird Island, South Georgia, undertaking daily fieldwork on albatrosses, penguins and fur seals, and also acting as base paramedic, generator mechanic and winter base commander.

Hurtigruten expeditions

Since 2016 I have spent several weeks each year on expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands with the Norwegian cruise company Hurtigruten. In 2018 I started working on Arctic expeditions with a trip to Greenland.

Lecture topics

My lectures cover the ecology and conservation of polar biodiversity, concentrating on the birds and mammals of polar regions and human impacts on their populations.

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